Common Eagle Application Errors

Common Eagle Application Errors

Approximately 60% of all Eagle applications submitted are defective in some way. This results in delays in processing of applications.

Unit leaders & committee members who meet with each Scout to review the Eagle application and project before it is turned into the council office need to carefully check the application.

Most common errors:

1. Incomplete or missing dates.

2. Dates on the application do not match the dates listed on advancement reports.

3. Unit number not filled in after each merit badge  date.

4.Required merit badge #6 & #9 (choice of several badges) badges not earned are not crossed out. 

5. Positions of responsibility before Life rank are  not to be listed.

6. Four required merit badges before Star rank and  3 additional required merit badges before  Life rank must be listed.

7. Applications MUST be filled out in ink or typed. NO Pencil


9. The most current & original application must be used.  Forms printed off the internet or photocopies are NOT acceptable.

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