Unit Account Policy

Unit Account Policy:

The unit account (Trading Post and Registration Account) is a PREPAID account used to pay for unit supplies purchased from the Council Trading Posts and for activity and camp fees, registrations, Boys’ Life and re-charters. Purchases may be made by authorized users only as indicated on the unit account signature card.  Signature cards are to be renewed annually.  This means a new card is to be signed and dated each year whether signers change or not.

Registration Account is used for registration, Boys’ Life and charter fees ONLY!

The purpose of this account is to set aside money collected by units at School Night and round-ups for registrations and/or recharter.  All recharter money should be deposited to this account.

Transfers from this account to the Trading Post account will be done only upon receipt of signed, written request at the Scout Service Center.

Trading Post Account is used for Unit purchases of supplies, awards, activity fees, camp fees.  It can also be used for registrations/Boys’ Life if there are not sufficient funds in the registration account to cover applications to be processed.

Checks to be deposited to these accounts are to be Unit checks made payable to:  “Iroquois Trail Council”.  Checks made payable to the Unit from individuals will not be accepted for deposit to these accounts.  They should be negotiated through the unit checking or savings account.

Units should maintain a sufficient balance in these accounts to cover their supply and registration needs.  Negative balances will NOT be allowed under any circumstances. No registrations or other transactions will be done if there are not sufficient funds.

This policy has been included in the yearly Program Launch packets and is available at the Scout Service Center.


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