Eagle Scout Paperwork Procedures

Eagle Scout Paperwork Procedures:
  • When a Scout earns the rank of Life, the unit leader should pick up a “Life to Eagle” packet.  These packets are available at the Scout Service Center, Scout Shops, and roundtables.

  • Before beginning any work on an Eagle Project, a Scout completes the packet and has it approved and signed by the required adults in his unit.  The packet is then submitted directly to the District Advancement Chair for approval.  The packet does not need to be submitted the Scout Service Center first.  Completed “Life to Eagle” packets can also be dropped off at roundtables.

  • The Eagle candidate will be notified as to whether the project was approved or disapproved and the packet returned to him by the District Advancement Chair.

  • When the project and all requirements for Eagle award have been completed, the Eagle Scout application is submitted to the Scout Service Center. The application is reviewed for accuracy of requirements and dates. Once approved, the application is returned to the Eagle candidate with a listing of District Advancement Chairs. The Eagle candidate should then contact the advancement chair from his district to schedule an Eagle Board of Review.

  • After the Board of Review the Eagle Scout Application, completed Advancement Report, and Eagle Questionnaire are submitted to the Scout Service Center for final approval and signatures then electronically forwarded to National for approval and processing.

  • When the Eagle Scout Certificate is received from the National Office the Scoutmaster will be notified that the Eagle Scout certificate is ready for pick-up.

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